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Below are some resources that introduce the Check the Box initiative and provide helpful guidance on shipping hazmat. Be sure to check back often for new content!

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Check The Box Fact Sheet

This fact sheet includes a look at real life incidents that involved undeclared hazmat. Feel free to share this resource to increase awareness of the serious safety risks of undeclared hazmat!

Check The Box Fact Sheet - Flammable Liquids 

Flammable Liquids Fact Sheet - Do you need to ship paints, wood stains, or adhesives? Many household care items like these can be flammable liquids. If they are flammable, they are hazardous materials and you must follow specific shipping provisions to send these items safely!

Check The Box Fact Sheet - Dry Ice

Dry Ice Fact Sheet - If you are shipping perishable goods, such as food items or medicines, you may be including dry ice in your package to keep the contents cool. Many express or overnight shipments like these will end up on an aircraft. That’s why it’s important to follow PHMSA’s guidelines on hazardous materials packaging to ensure your package gets shipped safely and without delay!

Check The Box Fact Sheet - Lithium Batteries

Batteries Fact Sheet - Do you need to ship a laptop, cell phone, or other device that contains a lithium battery? These batteries (and devices) are regulated as hazardous materials with potential dangers including short circuits or damage that can result in sparks and fires! Because of this, batteries and devices containing batteries must be packaged properly to prevent damage, and the package must display certain information

Check The Box Fact Sheet - Aerosols

Aerosols Fact Sheet- Are you shipping hairsprays, cleaners, spray paints, or any other aerosol products? Aerosols are pressurized containers that hold compressed gases that expel liquids, pastes, or powders from the container. Often, these products are shipped as “limited quantity” shipments. But, what is “limited quantity” and how do you ship it?

Beauty Products Fact SheetThumbnail Image of Hazmatt PosterCheck the Box Brochure

Check The Box Beauty Products Fact Sheet

Certain items like nail polish and hairspray may seem harmless, but they can be toxic, corrosive, and even explosive if handled incorrectly. If you are shipping beauty products, it's your responsibility to know if the product is hazardous and to communicate that hazard appropriately! Find a list of common hazardous beauty products is this flyer.

Check The Box Poster

Our first campaign poster introducing the Check the Box initiative. Feel free to print and display in your office or shipping facility to promote the initiative!

Check the Box Brochure

This brochure raises awareness of the of the many types of common items that are hazardous for transportation and introduces the requirements of hazmat shipping. Feel free to share this resource and keep an eye out for these items before shipping!

Check the Box Motion Graphic

This video introduces the Check the Box initiative. Undeclared and improperly packaged hazardous materials can be dangerous in transportation. Shipping dangerous goods without proper designation, packaging, and handling instructions puts people’s lives at risk. Check the Box provides greater awareness of common household items that are classified as hazardous materials and how to safely ship them.

Is Hazardous Matt hiding in your package?

This video introduces Hazardous Matt. Certain common household items may seem harmless, but they can be toxic, corrosive, and even explosive if sent or handled inappropriately. Hazardous Matt can pose a significant safety risk while being transported, which is why he requires specific packaging, marking, and labeling to ensure proper handling and safe transport.

Updated: Wednesday, July 17, 2019


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